Purchase of HEV Battery

We purchase batteries for hybrid vehicles that is used for scrapped cars, repairs and replacements. Regardless of the operation of the battery, we purchase it from one unit of battery. You can bring the battery or we can pick it up.

HEV Battery

Main purchase target models

Prius (NHW10 ・ 11 ・ 20 ・ 30)
Prius α (ZVW41)
Alphard Hybrid
Estima Hybrid
Crown Athlete Hybrid
Crown RoyalHhybrid
Crown Majesta Hybrid
Voxy Hybrid
Corolla Axio Hybrid
Corolla Fielder Hybrid
Noah Hybrid
Kruger Hybrid
Harrier Hybrid
Subaru XV Hybrid
Impreza Hybrid
Axela Hybrid
Toyoace hybrid
Dyna Hybrid
Mark X Hybrid
Lexus RC300h
Lexus LS600h
Lexus GS300h
Lexus GS450h
Lexus CT200h
Lexus NX300h
Lexus HS250h
Lexus IS300h
Lexus NX300h
Lexus RX450h
Lexus ES300h
Hijet Cargo Hybrid
Altis Hybrid
Mevius Hybrid
Ranger Hybrid
Selega Hybrid
Blue Ribbon CityHhybrid

Other domestic / overseas vehicles with nickel-metal hydride batteries

Business flow




Estimte of Purchase示

We will give you an estimate based on the model, number of units, metal price, delivery method.


Bring in / Pick up

You can bring it with you or we can pick it up. (If you can bring it to our company, we will give you favorable treatment on purchase price.)



We weigh and check the contents of the items that you bring to our factory. Based on this, we finalize the purchase price.



Payment will be completed by bank transfer.

*Depending on the area, we may not be able to pick up the items.

*Depending on the type of battery, we may not be able to purchase.

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