About estimate

How much would you buy this for?
The purchase price differs depending on the type, amount of metal contained, the market price of the metal at that time, the presence of impurities and so on. Basically, we will check a sample from our customer and provide an estimate for the purchase price based on the results of chemical analysis of the sample product.
How can I ask an estimate for purchase?
You can request an estimate TEL (+81)6-6311-9071 or inquiry on website.

About delivery / handling of items

How can I give you the items?
You can bring it to our office or we can pick it up. If you can bring it here, we will give you preferential purchase price.
How far can you pick up the items?
We don’t have a target area, but we may not be able to pick it up if it’s really far and small amount.
In the case of industrial waste, we pick it up only in Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, and Shiga prefectures. (* Excluding alkaline storage batteries in Hyogo and Shiga prefectures).
For other areas, we will introduce transportation companies that have licenses nationwide.
Do you charge extra cost if I ask you to pick it up?
Since the cost of pick-up is on the purchase quote, we will not charge extra cost for transactions within the estimated range.
If multiple things are mixed, should I separate them in advance?
In some cases, customers could get preferential purchase price by separating them. Please contact us for details. (TEL : (+81)6-6311-9071 or Website: Contact US. )

About payment

How will you pay for the purchase price?
Basically, we will pay it by bank transfer.
How long does it take to pay for the price after the delivery of the items?
Basically, payment will be made by bank transfer on the 25th of the month following the month when we receive the delivered product. Depending on the condition of the arrival, it takes about one week to 10 days to complete inspection after we receive it . ”

About waste disposal

What is the difference between purchased goods (valuables) and industrial waste?
Valuables are things that we collect and pay for your property. On the other hand, industrial waste is what we collect from our customers at the expense of our customers. The major factors that determine these differences are the content of the metal contained, the metal price at that time, and the trading volume per transaction.
What kind of waste is handled as industrial waste?
We take industrial alkaline storage batteries and some lithium-ion batteries as industrial waste. However, depending on various conditions, it may not be handled as industrial waste. Therefore, please contact us for details. (TEL : (+81)6-6311-9071 or Website: Contact US. )
How much is the processing cost?
It depends on the properties and quantity of the items you bring. Please contact us for details. (TEL : (+81)6-6311-9071 or Website: Contact US. )

How should I bring industrial waste?
There are three ways below. After we discuss, we can decide the transport method.
1) Bring your own to us
2) You arrange forwarding agent for industrial waste collection
3) We will pick up
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