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Environmental measures


Certification range: Tsukuda / Nakajima / Konohana / Haramachi Factory

Our company acquired ISO14001 certification in 2002 with the purpose of promoting business activities considering environment, and has continuously renewed the certification to date.
All of our heat treatment and neutralization facilities have environmental protection equipment. And exhaust gas and other external emissions are thoroughly managed based on laws and regulations and an environmental management system.

Environmental policy



By recognizing that global environment conservation is one of the most important common issues for all humanity, we aim to be a company that reduces the burden on the global environment in all aspects of our business activities. In addition, with the acquisition of ISO14001 certification, we will specifically promote environmental measures and contribute to society.


1. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
We observe with environmental laws, rules and regulations of the national and local governments, and other requirements to which we have agreed. In addition, we will make efforts to improve or maintain the environment as a “global citizen” to reduce its environmental effect.
2. Continuous promotion of environmental conservation activities
We set environmental goals, including the following (1) and (2), review them regularly while aiming to achieve them, and implement internal environmental audits to continuously improve the environmental management system.

(1) Make efforts to reduce the environmental burden on battery scrap disposal.
(2) Promote saving and recycling of energy resources and materials, and make efforts to reduce environmental burden and prevent environmental pollution. ”
3. Promotion of enlightenment activities
“We will develop the establishment of environmental activity systems, rules and standards. With education and training of the members, we will promote enlightenment activities for each person to deepen their awareness of environmental issues and take concrete actions.
This environmental policy will be made known to all members and publicly disclosed, and efforts will be made to achieve it. “

Disaster preventive administration

Disaster prevention committee

Our company have set up a disaster prevention committee in the company to reduce damage in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other natural disaster and to maintain continuity of our business activities. We have made efforts to create a system that is resistant to disasters.

Activity details

Formulation of disaster prevention plan
Disaster risk assessment
Build and operate a safety confirmation system
Voluntary inspection of disaster prevention equipment
Management of stockpile
Fire drill, evacuation drill, first aid training, etc.

Management for safety and sanitation

Safety and Health Committee

Based on the thought of ensuring safety and health in all aspects of our business activities, we set up an internal health and safety committee and work on creating a safe and healthy work environment.

Activity details

Safety and health education
Safety / Sanitary hygiene risk assessment
Safety / Sanitary hygiene patrol
Work environment measurement
Heatstroke measures in summer
Regular / Special health checkups, etc.

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